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Check out our upcoming event @Cityevents “Best SEO In Toronto”


Just crossed 36km in around 3.5 hours…

Just crossed 36km in around 3.5 hours…support me as I struggle in this costume for team for training.

@JeffersonMascot is off to the races, it started the race few minutes to go.. he tries to beat the #GuinessWorldRecord to day at the #SWTM

@JeffersonMascot is gonna be running this sunday!! Look out for the puppy .. He has high hopes #STWM

Follow my updates @JeffersonMascot durin

Follow my updates @JeffersonMascot during the race this Sunday! I guarantee my paws will win the race #SWTM

Check out my training regimen,running, p

Check out my training regimen,running, pushups, sit ups, sprints, box jumps. yes I use Gilette to shave my coat of fur!

Follow JeffersonMascot for updates durin

Follow JeffersonMascot for updates during his training and during the race. He is trying to beat the world record for running a marathon in a mascot costume. Video coming soon. Help him grow his reach.