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Tuesday Feb 23rd, Put Your Best Face For

Tuesday Feb 23rd,
Put Your Best Face Forward, Makeover Your Business
Your Social Media Profile: Your social networking photographs can be seen by millions of people each day. Utilize make up and hair touch ups by Blo and have a professional portrait head shot taken for all of your online needs. Anthony Parazo Photography will take your professional photograph (YOUR PROFESSIONAL PHOTO HAS A VALUE OF OVER $150) and email it to you so you can immediately upload and update your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Website and Blog!

Join us at Dermologica and enjoy a complimentary Skin Mapping session, shaving tips and a complete Dermologica skin sample kit that will include, cleanser, toner and moisturizer -which will help rid you of that winter skin and give you a healthy glow!

Display companies include: Blo, Massage on Wheels & Element Oxygen, Nail Art, Your Shop Girl, FitWrap, Dalish Cosmetics, Beauty is My Business
Oyster Bay Wine, Steamwhistle Beer,

5 Tips to Make Your
Best First Impression


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